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Poppies and Cornflower

Strange is this red beside the blue
I absorb the spiritual resonance
within the green mist
Intense! The vision has come
Strange and colorful
Inviolate spells inside the dream

But Beware!
The wind has stilled
Heavy are these flowers
I breathe invisibly

Damned, translucent
restless in the night
the next morning waiting
out of this dream

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Undefined Beauty Won

fcc windowse

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Grace, Love, Flowers & Fables

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An exhibition in UCC Cork, Ireland, by Mexican-born artist Alma Lopez featuring a digital image of Our Lady of Guadalupe wearing a floral bikini and with her hands on her hips has been condemned as offensive by Irish bishop. Bishop of Cork and Ross Dr John Buckley said the image was offensive and unacceptable. This is from a member of a hierarchy that facilitated and covered up the sexual exploitation of children by clergy for decades.  It beggars belief! In response I decided, as a show of support for Alma Lopez and UCC, to create my own little digital image.

The Hi-Res image is on DeviantArt here:  http://fav.me/d3jtqaf

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