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This is what is so beautiful.
It’s around half two in the afternoon
The sun is shining
My page is shadow dappled
with the overhanging
quivering foliage.
It’s the middle of September
and it’s my birthday.

The middle of September and it’s my birthday.

The phrase sends a tingle
of excitement
around my stomach.

It feels so precious

so transient

It could slip
and will slip away
so easily

The corn is cut,
golden, yellow grass
and foliage everywhere.

The breeze is soft
cooling the gentle mugginess.

It’s so calm.
The air is filled
with the gentle gentle rustle
of leaves being combed with air.

The mountains blue,
distant, clear
and fields
are a million shades of yellow and green.

The grass here is soft
and bright
tender green shades.

Stippled rough tree-trunks.

I lie back
in the warm grass
feel packed earth
solid beneath
and look up into the boughs of trees.

So Beautiful.

A city person would die for this
love this

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