Rising Remembered

Very violent among the pillars

Quiet here along the street
ensnared in the silence
dream-like graves below the dark
unbecoming and brilliant

The seduced bright delusions awoke

But the end felt good, they tell us
Very violent among the pillars
then entombed
in the long night

Then flickering awake
a long, long way from home

Wheels of Ire

The recession gave the Government ample opportunity to reach for their favoured weapon when faced with hard decisions: outsource the advice. To independent consultants. All with serious credibility. Of course, in translation this means nothing less than appointing consultants whose world-view happily coincides with the current order. After all, would you expect the hired help  to jeopardise future lucrative assignments by giving you a result you didn’t expect?

Oh, and we  get to pay for it. So do our kids,and probably our grand-kids too.

So to cover for the fact that there is a total lack of accountability in our civil and public service tradition, a tradition which ensures we have expensive Official Inquiries which fail to point fingers, which can be guaranteed to enrich loads of lawyers whilst failing to  find anyone actually responsible. For anything. Ever.

Of course, the State has form in this area: witness the dreadful…

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Who was the pirate?

Rolling Stones Kids. Painted by Sebastian Kruger (Acrylic painting on board) (118 x 68 cm)

Source: Who was the pirate?

“” So, to all the ‘keyboard warriors’ out there, to all the ‘water warriors’ out there, keep going – keep doing what you do, because it’s working – we are winning. “”

On Monday, a friend was invited to speak on our national broadcaster, but he came away from the experience disheartened and let down.

This friend is a fighter against injustice, a speaker of truth, and always does what he says he will do. I have yet to see him fail in any of these things.

He wanted to get the message out to people who are in distress with the banks, that there is help there.

He wanted to explain that there are people, dotted all over this country, at the local courts on a daily basis, waiting and willing to help these people.

He wanted to speak about how we bailed out the banks, yet while we now see these same bankers get payrises, they are simultaneously throwing people out on the streets.

He wanted to ask where did all the money go, where did all the billions go…

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Children have been arrested using a huge force of Gardai and while the ‘paper of record’ and the INDO have reported the arrests they have failed to comment on this state of affairs. Are these incidents – with more to follow it seems – such a very unusual occurrence that the named media can pass over them without comment?

Such a huge force of police to arrest children contrasts very badly with the invitations issued to bankers to attend Garda stations for questioning on the economic cataclysm visited on families and communities across Ireland – particularly on the very families & communities that these children hail from.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the arrest of children is more to do with intimidating those communities opposed to the infliction of even more austerity on the very communities who have borne the brunt of the economic recession and who were NOT responsible for the reckless lending of German, British, French and Irish Banks.

Let Sporus tremble –”What? that thing of silk,
Sporus, that mere white curd of ass’s milk?
Satire or sense, alas! can Sporus feel?
Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?”
Yet let me flap this bug with gilded wings,
This painted child of dirt that stinks and stings;
Whose buzz the witty and the fair annoys,
Yet wit ne’er tastes, and beauty ne’er enjoys,

Poppies and Cornflower

Strange is this red beside the blue
I absorb the spiritual resonance
within the green mist
Intense! The vision has come
Strange and colorful
Inviolate spells inside the dream

But Beware!
The wind has stilled
Heavy are these flowers
I breathe invisibly

Damned, translucent
restless in the night
the next morning waiting
out of this dream

fcc windowse


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