Well-written review, Best review of the Stone at Glastonbury 2013 that I’ve read.

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It was claimed that The Rolling Stones had never before been asked to perform at Glastonbury. Whether this was down to oversight, error or whatever, the wait was certainly worthwhile. Whether they would have been better in the 70′s 80′s90′s is another matter. Every decade has held it’s own internal crisis within the band. Even the current 50th anniversary tour has been hit by controversy, not the ticket price of their forthcoming London dates (are they really worth £300?), but the refusal of founder member Bill Wyman to join them in the celebratory world tour. It would have been nice had Wyman stayed that extra day after his Rhythm Kings performance on the acoustic stage to join his ageing colleagues on the boards of the Pyramid stage. With the guest appearance of Mick Taylor, the only other person missing was Brian Jones, the anniversary of who’s death was only days…

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The Catholic Church lies about child rape. Not occasionally. Not accidentally. But deliberately, and every time it’s representatives or apologists have anything to say on the subject.

The Catholic Church is not still learning about this issue. It has been “dealing” with child rape for the last two millenia. Over that time it has repeatedly and consistently chosen to sacrifice millions of innocent children to unbearable suffering in order to protect its own reputation and wealth.

When something terrible like child rape is as much a part of an organisation like the Catholic Church as old men in funny dresses and bad hymns, at any point in time the hierarchy can choose to do one of two things:

They can close their minds, emphatically deny it happens, cover it up and attack the victims who challenge the false image of the organisation.


They can open their minds, listen to…

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Brilliant riposte to Milligan’s exercise.

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The BBC have published an article by one Brian Milligan, which purports to show that it is possible to eat a healthy, varied diet for less than £1 a day. The article is – and I’m being polite here – a complete farrago of nonsense from beginning to end. Let’s start with the idea that the diet Mr Milligan lived on for five days (a whole five days, imagine!) was ‘healthy’.

We’re not going to rely on my attempts to assess the quality of his meals here. Instead we’re going to avail ourselves of the opinion of a professional dietician. I should make it plain that this isn’t the result of some great feat of research on my part. I’m simply quoting the words of the dietician Mr Milligan himself contacted, and whose views he reports in his own article. Here goes:

“Those dinners looked great,” says Alison Hornby, of…

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Mother Swan Warns Off Predators From Her Cygnets







Well said … particular last paragraph

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So she finally did step down from that jewel-encrusted carriage; her head dizzy with accolades, with glorious confusion, the baying crowd perceived as purring kittens to her leonine, English majesty. She descended smoothly, unaided, to some lavender field – it should be stiff with barley? – in that singing niche of her memory that for her, forever, might be if not Ingerland, then Grantham. And as she walks, from that shop, from that street, into the butter-cupped facsimile of that rural idyll, the parting crops do then draw up to attention… and the birds stop… and the limp sun stills above the willow. Because (she thinks, or somebody thinks) something major has happened.

And maybe it has – unless I dreamed it? Maybe there was an event as well as a death. Maybe we have to concede that? And then… in what way do we rejoice?

A rake of…

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