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Nothing like a bit of ‘property development’ to hide the scars of the past. Actually its more to do with refusing to confront that shameful past in the way the Church & State criminalised some women and children – notably most from the poorer sections of society.

1000 places You don't want to be as a teenager

Sean Ross Abbey was one of the places where teenage girls would be sent if they became pregnant outside marriage. It was considered a social scandal for a girl if that did happen and such girls were often locked up in a convent like Sean Ross Abbey until the child were delivered. Later the child often was sent to the United States for adoption and the mother would be released if she was lucky to live the rest of her life with the secret shame.

Some babies and young mothers didn’t make it. They ended up at the Angels Plot which people connected to church are working to destroy and replace with houses to hide the past.

It could not have been fun to have been sent there as a pregnant teenage girl.


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